Ilka Hilton-Clarke

My Trinidad and Tobago Cookbook

These recipes are either my own or from some of my Trinidad and Tobago friends.

Catching a salmon in Manzanilla,
Trinidad East Coast


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    Strange uses for food:

  • Crisco can be used as a cheap and efficient makeup remover
  • A bowl of cheap wine placed in a cupboard, will kill roaches: they'll get drunk, fall in and drown
  • Left over cola drinks, poured into your toilet will give it a brilliant shin
  • Peanut butter will remove chewing gum from your hair. Rub around the wad of gum, then wash your hair as usual
  • Baking soda on a damp cloth removes crayon marks off walls
  • Olive oil can be used as furniture polish
  • Egg yolk mixed with warm water removes coffee or tea stains from fabric. Soak stain, then wash fabric as usual
  • Tomato juice removes ink spots on clothing. Soak spot for 20 mins in the juice, then wash as usual
  • To get glue off containers after removing labels, rub vegetable oil on the label area with a cloth
  • Orange juice cleans and polishes chrome
  • Vinegar or salt poured into driveway cracks, removes unwanted grass
  • Whole cloves or sage placed around windows etc keeps ants away