My German  Grandmother instilled her superstitions so deeply in me that, up to this day, I am unable to shake them. I keep telling myself that all this is nonsense, but then a little voice keeps nagging at the back of my mind " What if not ?"........ impossible! I see a spider and then I think " Oh, it is morning time, something bad will happen today (seeing a spider in the evening  is a good omen, however ). I find that I am walking over cracks, not on them. The really strange thing is, that I found many of those superstitions I learned in childhood in Europe, almost unchanged, right here in Trinidad. I will write some of my superstitions down that I have acquired in childhood in Germany and Holland and then some I learned here in Trinidad.

  • Trinidad and Tobago



1) When a black cat crosses your path from right to left it is a bad omen- but if the black cat walks from left to right, that is good. The cat has to be completely black for this to work

2) Do not sing a Christmas song in the summer : a close relative of yours will die before the year is out

3) To find a four-leaf clover means good luck

4) When your left ear "rings", somebody talks well about you, but when your right ear "rings", somebody is bad talking you. You quickly go through the list of names that come into your head and the name you last think of before the ringing stops, is the person who is either giving you a bad name or speaks well of you

5) When your right hand itches, you are bound to spend money, but when your left hand itches you take in money

6) If you forget something at home, do not turn back to fetch it, you will have bad luck for the rest of the day.

7) Do not repair any clothes while you are wearing it, like sewing on a button, that is bad luck.

8) Breaking a glass is bad luck for the day, but breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck.

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United Kingdom

Contributed by Maria from London

1) If you do not make your bed up first thing in the am, then your day will be like the  bed : rumpfffled!!!!! therefor to this day in London without fail yours truly pulls the sheets /makes the bed up !

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Trinidad and Tobago

1) Don't put goat mout' on something. Meaning don't speak of anything negative that has not happened as yet, because it might come true. (It could also be something positive).

2) If done by a Barber/hairdresser with straight hair- the child's hair will end up being straight (considered to be "good" hair ) - If done by one with "hard" hair (=curly hair)- and considered to be "bad " hair, the child's hair will turn out curly.
Note: I personally find this a quite racist superstition I.B.H.C.

3) When pregnant- drinking a lot of chocolate milk will make the baby dark skinned- drinking milk instead, will make the baby looking fair . Note: See above. I.B.HC.

4) Whatever food the mother is craving at a given moment, she should be given it immediately, otherwise the baby will have a birth mark on his/her body which will resemble the food

5) Don't bathe in the sea on Good Friday- you will turn into a fish.

6) When you menstruate, don't come near any plants, or touch them, they will surely die.

Submitted by Claudette Matthews:

1) If you put your handbag on the floor/ground you will never have money.

2) If your second toe is bigger than your big toe then you are going to beat or rule your husband.

3) When you comb your hair and what is left on the comb is thrown outside, if a bird gets it and makes a nest, then you will get a headache.

Submitted  by Fabrizio Tobago:

1) There is no need to use a condom when having sex, because washing your penis after sex with Alovera  (a skin cream made from the aloe plant ), is sufficient protection against getting AIDS.

Submitted by Helen Houle:

1) Never take out the trash after 6, your taking the wealth out of your house.

2) Never give someone a lamp that you have used, it brings bad luck

3) Don't sew on yourself, (like a button) , it makes people talk bad of you

4) Do not sweep over someone's feet , they will never marry.

5) Do not cut your hair on odd days, like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, same for trimming your nails, this is also leading the way to bad luck'

6) Don't cross over someone, especially if it is a female over a male or vice versa, it is possible for them to take your illnesses, or misfortunes that way.

7) Always put a hot pepper in food that will be travelling at night, that way you ward off the spirits from entering your home.

8) Always turn your back to the inside of the house when opening the door at night, that way the spirits that have followed you home, will see your face and will not enter.

Submitted by Susan McLaugh:

1) When a young lady first starts her period, if you thread a palm leaf around her fingers on her right hand and then cut the leaf between her fingers, her period will only last three days.

Submitted by Anika Norgriff:

1) It is bad luck when you open an umbrella inside the house.

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