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Pictures of Trinidad

photos:© Ilka B. Hilton Clarke

Hololo Steelband, called World Wide,
one fine Christmas morning coming up the hill


Maracas Beach North Trinidad

Sunset seen from Hololo Mountain, Cascade
overlooking Port of Spain and the Gulf of Paria


Double Rainbow
Hololo Mountain, Cascade


Smokey and Bunty, St James

Smokey and Bunty, St James


Hibiscus Flowers- Trinidad


Surfing off North Coast between Toco and Grande Riviere


Brooklyn Bar on the corner of Robert Street and Carlos  street, Woodbrook, where you can find George selling his famous "doubles" every morning on the pavement outside the bar. In this picture you can see customers lining up in front of the blue box from which George sells his doubles. Later his ex wive joined him and set up her stand to his right. On her stand she painted an arrow pointing to George and the words: "George's Ex"




Grande Riviere Beach Resort- the restaurant overlooking the bay.

After a breathtaking drive from Port of Spain to Grande Riviere via Toco ( about 3 hours ) you can have a great local lunch at the quaint setting of the restaurant at this beach resort.... don't miss it
Here is the link to their website Mt Plaisir Estate


A look to the right from the restaurant  at Mt Plaisir Estate.
This is where the river enters the bay where each year the leatherback turtles
come each night for several months to lay their eggs in the sand


The famous Queen's Royal College ( boys )-  Queen's Park Savannah- Port of Spain.


Whitehall - offices of the Prime Minister-

Refurbished in 1999
- however PM's office has moved out since

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