Ilka Hilton-Clarke


How Do I Love Thee ........

Trini Style

Let me count the ways ....
You are the essence in my mauby
De fish in my fishcakes
I love you love you dearly
You are the lardoil in my bakes.
You are the coconut in my sweetbread
De pigtail in my rice
Just like piece of curry goat head
I will love you till I dead.
You are the sardine in my gravy
The dumplings in my soup
I love you more than gambling
Yes I love you bad fah true
Like banana leaf around my conkie
I'll be always close to you
Sweet like sugar in your green tea
I'll do anything for you.
You are the sauce around my Cou Cou
Hot like sweetbread when it done
In my arms I love to hold you
Just like a glass a rum
I will stick to you like dandruff
Like the corns upon your toes
Like the fat around your belly
I'll be everywhere you go.
Cause you are my black pudding
And I know I am your souse
When you call I will coming running
Like when a boar cat see a mouse
Oh my pepper on my pork chop
Sweet like sorrel when it mix
When my hands caress your body
You feel just like a couple-six
You are sweeter than a snowcone
I will give you all I own
You are sweeter than a hambone
Soft and sweet like piece'o'pone
No one can take me from you
Not in this life or death
My Trini girl I love you
More than Sandi love the IMF