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Throughout his life, the things that happened around Atiba Kenyatta, exercised a major influence upon him as an artist.  Drawing the characters of the Marvel comic book series, sketching his peers in caricature style, and illustrating the charts used as teaching aids by his class teachers, gave Kenyatta the initial perspective to be an artist.

While attending school in the early years, Kenyatta had shown a natural inclination for his artistic abilities.  Whether it was painting, doing papier-mâché, or folding paper into recognizable shapes like the origami craft of Japan, his imagination was undeniable.

As an artist, Kenyatta's preference developed more toward rendering the everyday life styles of people. He paints in unconventional and semi abstract styles.

Though he had acquired a number of certificates and awards for his proficiency in art, the academic approach to art was never a criterion or concern.  To him, art is personal expression and experimentation. Inspired by Divine Intelligence, Kenyatta believes that the artist is always evolving, expressing himself as he moves the brush over the canvas.  When he uses models for his paintings, it is only for the purpose of composition and not accuracy of resemblance.  He allows the brush to move freely over the canvas until he is satisfied.

His paintings are done mainly in the medium of Acrylics on canvas.  "Caribbean life style" can be the title used generally for all his paintings, but each piece separately depicts such aspects as social life, sports and religion.

Most of his paintings have been sold privately to art lovers both locally and abroad, in North America, Mexico and most recently England.

Studio Address:

#68 Cherry Tree Circle

Santa Rosa Heights
Trinidad and Tobago, WI

Telephone:  (868) 667 2035



acrylic on canvas


The Barber
acrylic on canvas