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cartoon © Halcian Pierre


Contributed by "redtrini" in Boston

  • You steups at every possible ting, even though the situation has nothing to do wit you. 
  • When ya go out to fete yuh does carry vex money jus' in case yuh friend  want to get on....

Contributed by  Mr. Ouch

  • yuh ever had a pyol girlfren'/boyfren' 

  • Yuh remember Lock Joint !

  • Yuh thought "Taxi Driver' was a detective movie ,an' yuh saw it 'tree times. 

  • Yuh have a fren' or relative in Carrera or Golden Grove, 

  • Yuh does drive PH at Christmas time..

  • Yuh can read Taxi driver han' signals on Independence "Diego by two". 

  • Yuh went to a Fete in Curepe in yuh own car, and lan' up in Siparia, wid no car an' wid' an ugly woman. 

  • Some relative is ah Police.

  • every sentence mus' have two or tree 'tings' in it..

  • Yuh still have a Polyester Suit,for Church and weddings an 'ting.

  • Yuh know someone who still drives an Austin Cambridge.

Contributed by Halcian Pierre

  • You try to cross the road without paying attention to either the traffic lights or the cars coming at you 30 miles per hour. 

  • You walk in the middle of the road during traffic and yell: "Well bounce mih nah!" when the car comes speeding towards you.

  • You know what a Bull Pistle is.

  • You know somneone who actually got "licks" (a beating)with a Bull Pistle. ( A Bull Pistle is a whip made from the skin of a bull's penis, and is famous for inflicting the most painful lashes ever imagined.)

  • You have ever made "chow", a combination of half-ripe mangoes, sliced in a mixture of  salt, lime, hot pepper and garlic, when you couldn't wait for the mangoes to get ripe.

  • You actually made chow with something other than half-ripe mangoes. (Like oranges or pomeracs).

  • You have gotten "shittings" (diarrhoea) from that experimental chow.

Contributed by Carty Bowen

  • Yuh is a girl and yuh doh leave de house until yuh hair jus' right so de other girls doh make fun of yuh.

  • Yuh wearing the latest NIKE shoes even though yuh mommy/daddy has to give yuh the money.

  • Yuh still using coconut oil in yuh hair & on yuh skin.

  • Yuh still using "bush" medicine and/or Bengue's Balsam when yuh have a cold.

Contributed by Westley Rampersad

  • Yuh want to settle yuh differences with a) ah beer bottle, b) ah big stone, c) ah cutlass

Contributed by Deborah Dos Ramos

  • You call  "chewing gum" : "tring gum"

  • You call a bottle cap is a"croncork" ( crown cork )

  • You still call your mother, "mammy" or "mudder"

  • You pronounce "theatre" meaning the cinema as "tee-air-ta".

  • If you hear some bad news you cry "murder".

  • You say "whamtoyou nah"? instead of "what happen to you" or "what is the matter with you"?


Contributed by Michelle St John

  • You have cow heel soup every Saturday (rain or shine )

Contributed by Lynn Hayes

  • u and your 10  liming  padners smoking one du maurier cigg

  • u and your pardners go to the beach to make ah  cook ah another padner with he friends come and eat and drink out all the food and rum.

  • u and your padner gone liming he start ah fite and u dissapear into thin air.

  • u have a padner who never have money but he always in the lime.

  • u have a padner who always getting licks from he wife every time he go liming and spend out he money.

  • u have ah padner who giving you ah duck to make ah cook since last year but the duck still young

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