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Welcome to my Trinidad and Tobago Homepage !


animations courtesy Trini Animator Ray Clarke
© copyright Ray Clarke

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View from Lady Chancellor Hill- 23 July 2008
View of Port of Spain from Lady Chancellor Hill- 23 July 2008

Trinidad and Tobago, the most southerly located islands in the Caribbean Sea. Land of Calypso, Steelband, Sea and Sun, Rum and Coke, eating Bake 'n Shark on the beach, Carnival and .......catching yuh nenen, or did you think we liming here all day with nothing to do ? Man got to eat, man has to work to eat. Many people imagine the islanders bathing all day in the sea with calypso music playing in the background, beautiful island women parading on the sand
(THIS is true though), having a drink on and off and generally having a great, lazy time, never working, never worrying.........hah!

De "honest" truth is, you get up in the morning (often at 4 am), get ready to go to work, get your children ready to go to school dressed in their school uniforms and with packed lunches you prepared the night before. Then you work all day, pick up the kids from school, take them to karate, ballet, music lessons, cricket practice, soccer practice or extra lessons in English, Math, Biology etc. Then home, prepare dinner, watch a little t.v., go and sleep......... the usual hassle nah. Or, if you are less fortunate and don't own a car, you take a taxi, a bus or a maxi taxi to work and often your kids walk miles to and back from school.

Yes, we do fête in between and Carnival is a time to leggo (let go) and all that, but usually we work to make a living, like anybody else on this planet who is not particularly rich. If you want to know more about us, our very interesting cultures, music, festivals, foods, please click on some of the links I have included in these pages.