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In the middle of the 19th Century our Chinese Immigrants brought the number oracle game of Weh Weh with them to Trinidad and Tobago. In the 1930s this gambling game was run illegally in downtown Port of Spain. The "banker" had to pick different spots each day ( a street corner, a bar or shop) from where his "runners" picked up the bets from the gamblers. A number
(called the "mark") from 1-36, was picked by the banker and written on a piece of paper, which was then folded and pinned up in a conspicuous spot before the runners  went to collect the bets. At the end of the day, the banker "bust the mark" : opened the piece of paper to reveal the number. Like  the bettors, the banker relies on his dreams to pick his mark. This was repeated every day and some "bankers" did indeed very well. One of the most successful ones was Boysie Singh, a notorious criminal who later was convicted and executed for murder. For several years now this game has been  legalized and incorporated by the TnT government with  the National Lotto and is played, together with Lotto, at booths all over the country. It is a pretty complicated game, you select your numbers from things you dreamt, things you saw, things you read in the papers, things you just "feel"...... The Draws in Trinidad are at 1.00 pm and 6.30 pm, every day, except Sundays, televised live.
You can play a single number or two numbers, but they have to come in the exact order of how you played them you can reverse them and play double).
Here follow the numbers. I put in brackets the meanings of the numbers in the "old days", if they differ from the modern numbers.


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First decide what object you dreaned about, or got a "feeling" about, or experienced (for example you see three pregnant women in the space of an hour), then click the numbers on the animated chart at left  to see what numbers you should bet on.

The text below will show the Marks

1. Centipede - Cutlass, Penknife, Small Gun, Key, Pen, Candle, Stick, Smoking, Chain, Cigarettes, Lights, Bar, Glass, Women, Snakes, Scissors, Tailor, Razor, Barber, Head, Old People, Old, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side

2. Old Lady - Woman & Child, Nurses, Women Children, Dogs, Biggest Fire, Lights

3. Carriage - Car, Tire, Bicycle, Airplane, Truck, Van, Hearse, Danger, Doctors, Dead, Fire, Lights, Choir, Crowd, Dancers, Runners, Donkey, Peacock, Fowl, Egg, Breast, Indian Woman.

4. Dead Man -Coffin, Hearse, Fire, Crying, Fresh Dead, Businessman, Blind, Rat.

5. Parson Man - Priest, Pundit, Thief, Gambling Man, Naked, Banking, White People, Indian Man, Teacher, Bishop, Church, Room, Holes, Ground Worm, Snakes, Jumbie, Men, Key Small House, Telephone, Radio.

6. Belly - Bag, Suitcase, Pot, Pit, Hole, Clothes, Naked Warrior, Stick, Full Bag, Pumkin, Pregnant Woman, Rabbit, Upside-Down, Sick, Bed, Nurses, Old Woman, Old People, Old.

7. Hog -Dirty Water, Mud, Digging, Holes, Black Hole, Dirty Clothes, Old Man, Sick Man, Ugly Warrior, Old, Ugly, Sick, Full Bag.

8. Tiger - Gold, Indian Man, Lion, King, Warriors, Dogs, Hunting, Fighting, Chest, Temper, Quarrelling, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Biggest Blood, Medicine, House.

9. Cattle - Milk, Calf, Grass, Biggest Water, Buffalo, Bison, Meat, Warrior, Madman.

10. Monkey - Boy Child, Children, Teasing, Pelting Stones, Climbing, Swimming, Football, Cricket, Jockeys, Gentlemen, Dancing, Singing, Organ, Carnival, Playing Mas, Gestures, antics, Crazy, Biggest Drunkard, Sick, Thief.

11. Corbeau -Doctor, Gentleman, King, Policeman, Jackass, Black Pants, Black Jackpot, Black, Obeah Man, Half-Half, Anyhow, Back-to-Front, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side, Crowd, Birds, Feathers, Duck.

12. King-- Tie Pin, White Man, Govenor, Inspector, Sergeant, Saga Boy, Biggest Snake, Hog, Coins, Silver Money, Men, Doctors, Ears, Face, Crying, Bathing, Clear Water, Sea.

13. Crapuad - Girl Child, Children, Playing/Hearing Music, Singing, Choir, Women, Gentlemen, Doctors, Medicine, Right Hand, Obeah Man, Fire, Fowl, Hiding, Sitting, Squatting, Muscles, Shell, Cockroach, Ugly, Faeces, Dirty Water, Well.

14. MoneyEars, Butterfly, Honey, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Jewels, Glass, Bank with Money, Paper Money, Leaves, Upside-Down, Wrong-Side, Saddle, Mouth.

15. Sick WomanSick Women, Pregnant Woman, Glass, Silver, Bush, Leaves, Climbing Trees.

16. JametteCosquel, Women, Troublemaker, Prostitute, Quarrelling, Cursing, Rowdiness, Confusion.

17. PigeonWhite, Fowl, Pretty Birds, Flowers, Love, Lions, Kissing, Lovemaking, Naked Person, Mad Person, Married Person, Children, Nurse, Dogs, Young Girl, Letter, Forgetting, Sailor, Sailor Band, Crowd.

18. Water BoatSailing, Bathing, Sea, Pond, Hold, River, Water Hose, Children, Chinee Fowl, Iguana, Crocodile, Teeth, Coffin, Box, Crying, Medicine, Glass, Half-Half.

19. HorseDancers, Runners, Running, Racing, Saddle, Danger, Head, Trimming Hair, Face, Ears, Dressing, Selling, Merchant, Crazy Mad, Sick, Forgetting.

20. DogPolice, FBI, Lions, Commands, Arguing, Crazy/Mad, Theif, Bandit, Merchant, House, Jamettes, Boychild.

21. MouthTeeth, Hole, Talking, Arguing, Cursing, Water Hose, Salesman, Merchant, Danger, Runners, Dancers, Horse, Cats.

22. RatThief, Rotten Teeth, Nose, Right Foot, Blind Mice, Hiding, Holes, business Premises, Business Man, Drunkard, Naked, Torn Clothes, Tight Shoes, Clothes, Shoes, Cleaning House, Teacup, Medicine, Sick, Half-Half.

23. HouseChurch, Big House, Hosay, Elephant, Bank, Hotel, Offices, Hospital, Old Woman, Sick, Drunk.

24. QueenEating Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Picking Fruits, Rotten Fruit, Old, Sickness, Crying, Old People, Quarrelling, Jamette, Women, Silver Money.

25. MorocoyShell, Van, Locked / Enclosed House, Child, Thief, Ugly, Hard Back, Saddle, Falling Down, Rocks, Drum Beating, Fire, Light, Priest, King, Print.

26. FowlFete, Anniversary, Birthday, Singing, Playing Music, Ears, Choir, Parson, Crowd, Confusion, Arguing, Jamette, Creole Fowl, Hen Fowl, Duck, Turkey, Feather, Neck, Face, Head, Crazy/Mad, Old, Old People, Last.

27. Little SnakeStick, Cane, Bamboo, Cutlass, Rifle, Rope, Wire, Line, Short Road, Left Foot, Bathing, Nakedness, Liming, Winning, Parson, Medicine, Lions.

28. Red FishChinese, Red, Drinking Rum, Drunkeness, Cock Fowl, King, Parson, Jamette, Bathing, Swimming, Fishes, Catching, Blood, Cleaning, Eating, Receiving Gift.

29. Opium ManDrunkard, Drinking Rum, Walking Crooked, Left Hand, Parson, Chinese Man, Men, Brown.

30. House CatInside House, Drawers, Money, Gold, Ripe, Yellow, Gold Cat, Petty Thief, Stealing, Crying, Begging, Church, Crowd, Lights.

31. Parson WifeTeacher, Nurse, Woman Praying, Forgetting, Big Jamette, Dancers, Women, Brown, White, Hospital, Beggars.

32. ShrimpsFig, Iron, Bullet, Bottle, Snake, Male Genitals, Nakedness, Dirtiness, Bathing, Drinking Rum, Crowd.

33. SpiderHairy Person, Lion, Hair, Beard, Bush, Grass, Nest, Bed, Grave, Cobweb, Cleaning House, Small House, Net, Crab, Shrimp, Paper Money, Party, Bicycle, Hood, Half-Half.

34. Blind ManEyes, Glasses, Owls, Bats, Blind Mice, Reading, Writing, Egg, Paper Money, Begging, Sleeping, Blind Institute, Cloud, Visitor, Stranger, Searching, Danger, Shooting, Bull, Deer, Goad, Runners, Crowd, Cemetery.

35. Big SnakeVines, Long Road, River, Travelling, Old Dead, Man Come, Visitor, Party, Bussing Bamboo, Big Money, Gold Chain, King, Hole.

36. DonkeyBridge, sea, River, Well, Hole with Water, Deep, Female Genitals, Naked, Rider, Jackass, Braying, Laughing, Posy, Night Pan, Cemetery.


Modern Body Chart

1= Left Hip and Right Knee

2= Right Under Arm

3= Right Breast

4= Right Hip

5= L Knee, R Eye, 
     L Under Arm, L Upper Belly

6= Solarplexus

7= Left Upper Belly

8= Chest

9= Lower Belly

10= Right Calf

11= Left Calf

12= Right Ear, Lower Arms

13= Right Fingers, Left Thigh

14= Left Ear, Mouth

15= Right Toes

16= Left Breast

17= Right Thigh

18= Right Waist


19= Head

20= Left Waist

21= Right Breast

22= Right Foot, Nose

23=  Right Wrist

24= Left Ankle

25= Right Ankle

26= Neck

27= Left Foot

28= Left fingers

29= Left Toes, Left Wrist

30= Right Elbow

31= Right Shoulder

32= Male Genitals, Heels 

33= Hair

34= Left Eye, Left Shoulder

35= Left Elbow, R Upper Arm

36= Female Genitals,
       Left  Upper Arm

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