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Some of the Home Pages I developed are:

Private pages

Where to Stay in Trinidad and Tobago (and Grenada)

  • Plaisance
    Plaisance is a luxurious holiday villa in Tobago
  • Nemoy
    Family style guesthouse in Woodbrook, Trinidad
  • Grenada Villa
    This Homepage features a beautiful holiday villa in the island of Grenada
  • Halyconia Inn
    This is a hotel in the Cascade Valley in Trinidad, specializing in groups
  • Nemoy- Guest House in Woodbrook- Trinidad and Tobago
  • Maracas Bay Hotel- Trinidad and Tobago's only Hotel on the beach



Business and others





Trinidad and Tobago Artists and Galleries


  • Agta
    The Indigenous Negroid Peoples of the Philippines
  • Ancient Antilles- Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean





  • St Andrew's Golf Club
    This golf course is considered to be one of the best designed in the Caribbean- It is situated in Maraval- Moka- in Trinidad


  • DJournalist- This is the Homepage of TerenceHilton Clarke







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