Detta Van Aardt

Detta grew up in Kenya where her father was born and raised. As a young child  she was profoundly influenced by the beauty and sensitivity of the drawings in sketchbooks he had kept while a POW during WW2. They reflected his connection to the land, experiences and love for nature which mirrored her own empathy with the vastness of sky and landscape of the environment, and developed the reverence for Nature and indigenous peoples which has characterized her work ever since.
She is a graduate of the Department of Art and Architecture of the University College of Nairobi. During those years she discovered the amazing richness and variety of local stone and rock which could be translated into vibrant mosaics and spent considerable time travelling to remote places with a geological hammer.

In 1968 she moved to Jamaica with her husband and two infant sons, where she taught, part-time, at various girl's high schools until 1978 when the family which now included a daughter, relocated to Trinidad. There was little artistic output during that time, but since 1986 Detta has worked as a professional Artist, freelance graphic illustrator and part-time teacher.

She has worked in a variety of media from oils and watercolours, to oil pastels, lino-cut and block prints, batik, terracotta sculpture and ceramics.

She has deep concern for environmental matters, particularly the plight of our native wildlife, and runs a small Rehab. for damaged and orphaned wild birds and animals, out of her pocket from her back yard.

She is a member of the TT Field Naturalists Club, the CFCA, and the Zoological Society of T&T.

She has previously successfully exhibited her work at Art Creators Gallery.

Detta established a wildlife orphanage at her residence.W.O.R.C.:


Detta Van Aardt-Buch
P.O.Box 1378, Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

van aardt

Oil pastels
Portrait of my daughter

Oil - Still Life

Woman at Window

Armadillo - Lino print on rice paper

Spectacled owl ("Baby")
Chalk Pastels


Anchorage - Trinidad coloured marker on paper



Castara- Tobago - oil pastels on prepared paper


Book Jacket for Wildfowl Trust

Marianne River- North Trinidad - oil pastels on prepared paper


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