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Pictures 9
(c) copyright Ilka B. Hilton Clarke

Richard in his bake 'n shark place
Maracas Beach-Richard's famous Bake 'n Shark

Lineup for Richard's
People waiting patiently in line in front of Richard's shop on the beach


everybody likes Richard's bake 'n shark
Getting closer to the counter to order the Bake 'n Shark


Richar's condiment table

One of the reasons that Richard's is the most popular Bake 'n Shark place at Maracas beach is that he has a table set out with many different toppings for your Bake 'n Shark, such as:

  • tamarind chutney
  • chadon bene chutney
  • hot pepper sauce
  • tomatoes,
  • cucumber
  • lettuce
  • fresh mango chutney
  • french mayonnaise dressing
  • mustard sauce
  • mango kutchela, freshly made etc etc

    Also there is a wrapper who wraps your fish and packs it for you into brown paper bags.
    Enjoy !!!